Photography & filmmaking


MY PERSONAL MISSION in life is to inspire people to find their true purpose and to focus on the magic of this beautiful world that we live in. I see infinite beauty all around me, in everything I do. As human beings, I believe we are capable of so many amazing things, and everything is possible.

Through Photography and Filmmaking I try to inspire and activate people to live a life of wonder and beauty, by focusing on the stories that come from the heart. Positive stories about making a change in the world, about passion, personality and growth. These stories are documented in a colourful, authentic way and are created together with you, whether these are documentaries, loveshoots or branding videos.  

I thrive on natural light, natural beauty and natural connections, and that includes the connection between you and me. I don’t just want to work with you, I want us to glow of happiness and radiate power and light as we create something bigger than ourselves.

I work location independently – wherever the flow of life takes me. At the moment I am based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Want to create light together and flow on this crazy wave we call life?

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