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Hello there, wonderful human being! First of all, thank you so much for staying on this page and reading this. My name is Claudia Hendriks and I am a Photographer and Filmmaker. I’ve been doing Photography for 8 years now and Filmmaking for 3. After I graduated as a documentary director/producer from the School of the Arts, Utrecht, I started freelancing and building this company.  

I have thought long and hard what it is that I want to bring to the world. Like everybody, I am still learning and I will probably spend my lifetime learning about this! But… I keep coming closer and closer.

It is inspiration that I want to bring, life lessons that I want to teach, people I want to help with beautifully captured photos and films that actually make a difference. For years I have thought that wanting to change the world was a weakness, everybody told me it was not possible. Now I realize it is not a weakness, it is a strength. Heck yeah I want to change the world, even if it’s only MY world, we all have an impact on the life and the world we live in! An impact larger than we might think, we are capable of SO many things, if we put our heads, hearts and souls to it. That I want I want when working together with you – to believe that we are actually contributing to the beauty of life.

I thrive on natural light, deep one-on-one conversations, exploring and discovering new cities, seeing sunrays of light through trees and cooking and eating great food. Friendships are really important to me, so is the freedom to work from where-ever I want. I am aiming towards a location independent lifestyle to be able to work and offer shoots from everywhere, whether that is the jungle in Bali, the vibrant city of Medellín or the hills of Lisbon. During this journey I hope to meet likeminded souls and encounter many adventures.

Life has given me so many beautiful memories already and now I am ready to make even more of them.

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