Brand Shoot: Earthly

Charlotte Derksen was my reiki teacher for a while. She had already seen different parts of me on her reiki table so it was only fair that we talked for an hour about her and what she was feeling, before we even thought about beginning the shoot.

Brand Shoot: Winny’s Soulfood

There are people in the world that just feel… so light. That when you encounter them, they have an aura of brightness, love and kindness around them. Winny is such a person.

Brand Shoot: Myles Dunphy

I met Myles through the Facebookgroup of digital nomads in Medellín. He was looking for a photographer that could make a few headshots of him to use in his businesses. Myles runs ‘Nomad Millionaire’ and is a 7-figure Amazon Seller.

Rebecca & Marilyn

In Medellín, Colombia, I attended something they call a Ceremonia de Cacao – a spiritual evening where the sacred brew of Cacao is being drank and has a beautiful heart-opening effect, exploding your body with serotonine.