Service Through Friendship is a short documentary of 38 minutes about a mysterious and worldwide society of Hotel Concierges with the name ‘Les Clefs D’Or’. They stand for providing excellent service to the hotel guests. Their motto is ‘We will accommodate every request that is morally, legally and humanly possible’. Not only because of their connections, but also because of the fact that the Concierges are each other’s best friends, they are the one that make the impossible, possible.

The documentary portrays three Clefs D’Or Concierges who are proud of the golden keys they wear on their lapel. The Concierges are based in hotels in Moscow, Berlin and Amsterdam and all have various qualities that make them unique. We follow the build up towards a very important yearly congress, where more than 1000 Concierges will come together in friendship…

Director: Claudia Hendriks
Producer: Jesse van den Broek

The film aired on the television channel NPO Cultura in The Netherlands and premiered in Pathé Tuschinski, Amsterdam. The film was also screened during the 64th International Congress of Les Clefs d’Or, Berlin in 2017, with an audience over 600 people. 

To buy the documentary in English:

For Dutch people, the documentary is on the website of 2Doc to watch for free. Click here to watch the full 38 minute film:

Service Through Friendship on 2doc

THE STORIES BEHIND - The Soul of Cooking

The Stories Behind is a three-part documentary series in collaboration with Gemtrack Travel in 2018, about inspiring women who are passionate for what they do and change the life of others by doing what they love most.

The Soul Of Cooking portrays Dayu Mahadewi, a Balinese cook that is the proud owner of Dayu’s Warung. When she found out she had diabetes, she changed her food pattern. By focusing on healthy, gluten-free and sugarfree food, her whole life changed. She now tries to help many people with maintaining a healthy lifestyle while running her own restaurant in Ubud. 


The second film in the three-part documentary series in collaboration with Gemtrack Travel in 2018. 

Susanna Nova is one of the most inspiring spiritual goddesses I have ever had the privilege to meet. I saw her story in Happinez magazine and went to her private villa retreat, Trinity Gardens in Ubud, to talk with her. What followed were two amazing months where she almost adopted me as her family, so connected we were. We had conversations about life, school, the importance of hearing your own voice, rituals and more – she still inspires me until this very day to sense, to feel, to breathe, to be my full self and to experience. The result of this close bond that we have is now this documentary.

There is hardly a summary or synopsis that would feel right for this film, it is merely a poetic chain of events and stimulation of the brain that might inspire you a thing or two about life.

THE STORIES BEHIND - Climbing Mountains

The third and last film in the three-part documentary series in collaboration with Gemtrack Travel in 2018. 

Climbing Mountains portrays Katni Wati from Lombok, who was the first female guide to climb the famous volcano the Mt. Rinjani. She started a company where she teaches women of the village Senaru how to become a female guide, so the females of the village can become independent and successful on their own. This story is my version of climbing the Mount Rinjani with Katni as my guide; a story of strength and a reminding of what we are capable of.