Want to know what emotional embodiment actually feels, tastes, growls and moves like?

Come receive life with me.

It's Time To Feel Now...

We are usually fucking scared to dive straight into grief, anger, sexuality and all emotions society has explicitly told us not to feel. 

So we learn to bottle it up. To be tough, to be good girls and guys, to always ‘look at the bright side’ and to laugh our feelings away.

Little do we know that in the fullness and expression of your body lies an extremely potent power. You, my dear, are a force – a sexual beast – a free spirit – a thriving body – an incarnation of Kali – & a soul that wants to THRIVE in this wild human body.

With Neo Emotional Release we dive straight into everything you have been resisting.

We’ll go at the pace of your body.

We’ll work WITH your nervous system instead of blowing it up. 


Do you want to feel a safety within yourself like never before… so that when your boyfriend says something rude, you stay centered, feeling deeply inside it does not say anything about you & you can respond with love?

Do you want to create art with your expression, breathing fire or radiating peace when necessary, because you have found the spot inside yourself that makes your feel worthy of taking up space?

Do you want to be TRULY HERE – on this planet with your feet on the ground instead of high in the sky?


Then you have arrived at the right address.


‘WOW! This bodywork session was one of the most powerful ways I’ve invested in myself. Claudia’s intuitive and informed methods of holding my energy as I expressed myself were comforting and inspiring. I felt I could allow all of my emotions to come through as they bubbled up during our time together. 

– katie

Combined Frameworks

Hi! I'm Claudia.

For the past 7 years I’ve been INHALING information on emotions and the parts of ourselves that we’d rather not show anyone.


Seriously. All this stuff is like cake to me – I fucking love the smudgy shadowy, slimey and dorky parts of life. Tell me your darkest feature and I’lll probably high five you.


However – I also believe deep down everybody longs for connection and being witnessed in who they truly are.


In their wholeness. In the beautiful intelligence of their chaos.


The fire in my heart lights up when I think of creating a world where ALL emotions are not only seen, but where we celebrate them as if it’s the last party we ever go to.


I’m here to be your yes-girl for this celebration.

With joy, humor and sharpness on life.


‘I feel like there is a stop on my brain now when I am trying to be hard to myself again. There is this notion to be… softer.


I literally can’t be hard to myself anymore.

My brain just redirects the thoughts.’

– n.

About Neo Emotional Release

Anger doesn’t need to be calmed down 

➡️ it needs to be expressed.

Grief doesn’t need to go 

➡️ it needs to be addressed and felt.

Shame doesn’t need to be solved 

➡️ it needs to be held.

Sexuality doesn’t need to be suppressed 

➡️ it needs to be enjoyed.

This is what we do with Neo Emotional Release. 
We help you accept the fullness of being human.

From there, your body will start to heal itself.

Your soul will want to start to come out and play. You will feel like YOU again. With dignity and compassion.


We don’t suppress. We express. We feel. We are human. We allow. And if we can’t allow, we’ll allow that we can’t allow.