brand shoot: earthly

Charlotte Derksen was my reiki teacher for a while. She had already seen different parts of me on her reiki table so it was only fair that we talked for an hour about her and what she was feeling, before we even thought about beginning the shoot 🙂


It was 8 o’clock in the morning when I arrived at her house in Utrecht, where I was greeted by the homely smell of incense and homemade cacao. We  sat on the couch, drinking the bitter but intense cacao, talking about her wishes, thoughts and feelings for this shoot. She wanted it to be for her new brand EARTHLY – about down to earth spirituality, taking care of yourself and slowing down in the fast-paced world we live in. 


This is one of the first shoots where I discovered Personal Brand shoots were absolutely amazing, super inspiring and gave me energy for a full day. Helping entrepreneurs on their mission to get a story across – yes, this was what I wanted!

what did charlotte think?
”The shoot with Claudia did not only give me very beautiful valuable shots, it was also a really nice and lovely experience. We laughed a lot and she gave me a lot of energy – you can really see how much fun she has in what she does!
She put me to ease in a great way and that made me feel safe. The tension I felt for the shoot became less because of this. 
She thought along with me for what fits my company, and this is why the photos also fit my brand perfectly!”

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