Branding Photography


I will always be passionate about photography.

Another niche I have worked in for 10 years is photography. 

And even though Neo Emotional Release is my main focus now, I will never lose passion for another thing that I love:

Female entrepreneurs coming to me that want a bad-ass, wonderful, awe-inspiring sensual photoshoot that captures the exact energy of their soul.

I’m still doing shoots but only on request. Here is my portfolio if you are interested in that!

  • For those who want an experienced & seasoned photographer in the grand poule of Instagram photographers nowadays. 
  • …That looks to your brand as a whole, asking the question ”What energy wants to be expressed here? What wants to be seen?”
  • & that shoots different pictures than the standard laughing-at-your-coffee-in-a-cafe pics. 
  • For those who get polarity and like to explore what their femininity & sensuality means (no worries you’re allowed be nervous too 😉 
  • For the spiritual beings but not the love ‘n light ones – the grindy muddy witchy down to earth ones.
  • For those that are ready to step into a next level energy that comes with embodying the message you currently have to say…
  • And want to deeply help others with. We’ll get that powerful, humble, surrendering energy on camera, girl.

”I felt a strong connection with Claudia because we’re both spiritual beings. I would recommend her to people who have a passion for what they do and who – somehow – want to really contribute to creating a better world.

– Loraine,

”I wanted to shoot with Claudia to capture myself in an intimate and powerful way. It was the most amazing special morning and we had the perfect vibe. During the shoot the air seemed to be electrically charged – we were sparking so hard!

– Veertje,

”She captured me exactly how I am and that was such an empowering experience. If you want to have your feminine essence captured AND and unforgettable experience during the shoot itself, I’d totally recommend her. It’s a way to completely celebrate yourself.
– Priya,


699 excl 21% btw. 

– Shoot strategy video call – 30 min to go deep into the energy of the shoot

– 3 hrs of photography 

– Advice on the locations, colors, outfit changes

– 40 high-resolution edited photos licensed to use for your business

– Pinterest moodboard for colors, inspiration
– WhatsApp support to HYPE YOU UP
– Extremely good vibes