brand shoot: MYLES DUNPHY

I met Myles through the Facebookgroup of digital nomads in Medellín. He was looking for a photographer that could make a few headshots of him to use in his businesses. Myles runs ‘Nomad Millionaire’ and is a 7-figure Amazon Seller. When we connected over the phone I thought to myself: man, this dude is cool! He was so down-to-earth and laid-back.
This shoot was going to be so much fun!


We started off with a coffee at a very green cafe in Poblado, one of the nicest digital nomad cafes in Medellín. For an hour we talked about everything – it is so important to get to know each other better before you start out with the personal branding shoot. This way you will know the photographer not just as ‘the photographer’, and I will know the client not just as ‘the client’, but we both become real people. Humans. It adds a layer of depth, a layer of perspective and most importantly, a layer of safety. 


What I particularly loved was Myles mindset and motivation to help more and more people in the future. Through his businesses he is trying to let his heart speak and welcomes others to live their truth as well. While we connected, we were able to sink into that energy – and it definitely shows on the photos. 

what did myles think?
”I found Claudia while I desperately needed professional photos to represent my personal brand (i.e. something other than selfies and travel photos!). I’d never done a photoshoot before and as a camera shy guy I felt very hesitant to commit to my first one. 
Luckily, Claudia completely solved the problem for me. Claudia made the whole process incredibly easy and stress free. She really took the time to get to know me before the photoshoot. That time & effort shows in the final results. The photos are great! They make me look good, showcase my personality and are perfect to help me market my personal brand. 
The best and most unexpected part was how much fun I had throughout the whole process with Claudia. I had a great time, I now have more professional quality photos than I know what to do with, and I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Claudia to anyone looking for a personal brand photoshoot. Thanks Claudia!”