In Medellín, Colombia, I attended something they call a Ceremonia de Cacao – a spiritual evening where the sacred brew of Cacao is being drank and has a beautiful heart-opening effect, exploding your body with serotonine. 

There were two gorgeous women present – the red-headed goddess Rebecca and the dance-queen mesmerizing Marilyn. They told me they were moving to the UK on Saturday. I boldly asked them something I never do. I asked them if they wanted to do a photoshoot before they would leave to the UK!

Now, hold on, I almost never give away free photoshoots!
But these women just had… something. Something magical, mysterious, raw and pure. During the shoot, everything just fell into place. The sun set, the location was perfect and the timing was just right.
In between all the chaos of moving days, we were able to make it work, making this my first magical shoot in Colombia, but certainly not the last.

    7 Dec 2019

    Schitterende foto’s en idd sprankelende dames! Erg mooi en sensueel TOP👏💏

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