part 1

Personal Brand Photography. It is a mixture between lifestyle photography, portrait photography, product photography and brand coaching! More and more entrepreneurs decide to start looking for this new, exciting type of photography. There are still few photographers specialized in this area, but that is going to change soon. Because even though it’s a relatively new type of photography, there is a very good reason why Personal Brand Photography is now becoming more popular than ever.


And that’s because it is more needed than ever.


When your business starts to grow and you start doing more, first of all: CONGRATULATIONS. How awesome you are that you are growing so fast and that you are able to make a living doing what you love the most.


Second of all: consider hiring a Personal Brand Photographer.


One that deeply understands your brand.


The key of Personal Brand Photography is, of course, to really radiate the core of your personal brand. Who are you and what are you creating in the world that people need?


So here are six reasons why you should start looking for your personal brand photographer TODAY. Listen up guys, this is super important. This is your business we’re talking about. Your life.



Last year, 600.000 businesses started worldwide. That is more than half a million entrepreneurs that are finally speaking their truths, trying to make their lives and the world around them a little better by doing what they stand for! This is so awesome!


This also means we are going towards a time where it will become more important for people to know what you stand for, so there is no doubt over if you can help them.


When it comes to branding, we need to be clear on the problem we are going to solve for our clients. What can you help me with, what problem will you solve for me? Do I like your energy, would I like to have you as my coach?


 I need to know if your business is something that I would really, really like to invest in.


2. you will attract more clients that are good for you

I wanted to talk about some common law of attraction statements here, but I honestly think it could be better to break it down in down to earth language.  


I tend to see people as ‘radio frequencies’. My boyfriend and I are on the same radio frequency. I was radiating my frequency, having fun in life, and only wanted a relationship when it would be an addition of fun to my life, not someone to complete me, because I am already complete. When I met him, he felt the same. We still feel like we are free and do not rely on each other to make each other happy; we create our own happiness.


Because he had the same values, we connected even better.


We are still super happy with each other, choosing each other every day.


Of course, relationships with your client are not love relationships (or are they, you naughty person!). But think about it like this: if your viewers watch your stories on Instagram where you are completely yourself, if your viewers see your powerful brand photos and comment below them, if your viewers read about your stories and can identify themselves with these stories and your mission… is it not true that these viewers will turn into the best possible clients for YOU?


They are on the same frequency.

They get you.


They get it that you invested in showing yourself in an authentic way. They get the struggles you’re going through, they get your mission of making the world a better place, because they are on the same wavelength.


And you will attract more and more of them. Because to their friends, who are also on their radio frequency (and therefore possibly on yours!) they will say ‘Have you seen this account? She’s showing real stuff and is such a genuine person.’


I know this because I have done it myself with people I find super inspiring. And from some of the people I find inspiring, I have actually bought their products or services.


Therefore, showing yourself will only result in attracting your dream clients, and the definition of dream clients here is clients that trust you, support you and help you grow.

3. people will judge you by your online presence

Okay. Let’s face it. I see so many beautiful businesses on Instagram, Facebook and the internet. You’ve probably seen them as well – initiatives that truly make the world a better place.


But then you are put off by the pictures on their website or profile.


You don’t even realize it, but when you saw that blurry cover photo, or that selfie, you subconsciously clicked away. And this business, that could have had great potential, now slowly fades away from your consciousness as you go on to search for someone that suits you better.


To me, this happens all the time. I choose Airbnb’s over their photos. I choose which pizzeria I want to go to online, and if their website happens to have delicious photos that make me drool – my decision is made. I choose my coaches over their social media presence. – are they practicing what they preach? And I even choose my accountant on the energy she radiates on her pictures. If that energy does not feel safe, or passionate to the core, I hop on and start searching for someone else.


This is quite literally the core of why personal branding photos are so important!


You have to have photos that absolutely suit your brand. Photos that show your shine, because your passion and sparkles are visible. Your energy shines through them, and this is why people will decide to work with you. If they go to your website, their brain will subconsciously decide that your brand is beautiful (there’s a whole philosophy why and I’ll share this one time with you) and this will definitely have a great impact on their choice whether they want to work with you or not.


Your online presence is like your online temple. So beautifully crafted, fully embodied who you are. Where everything should come together and your authenticity will be the connecting factor – because you can be YOU on the photos, you will show others they have the possibility to be THEM – their own fully embodied, authentic selves!