part 2

Because this blogpost is incredibly long and there could be quite some truth-bombs for you to swallow, I decided to create a blogpost consisting of two parts. This is the second part! You can go to the first part here.

4. because telling your story matters

Your story matters.


You matter.


This is my faith in you – I honestly believe that you are a powerful human being. So many memories that have made you who you are. So many challenges you have encountered. So many beliefs that were challenged since you were a child – and they make you all the stronger.


Sister, or brother, if you are reading this, please know that your story matters.


Everyone is born with a unique situation (and blueprint) and the way you have lived your life so far, has given you thousands of opportunities to grow. And you have. You have grown into the person you are now, and each aspect of your journey has been important to become that entrepreneur that you are now. The fact that you’re reading this already means you are taking yourself seriously and are willing to grow in your personality and your company.


We need more voices in this matter, more people admitting they are growing and they are doing an amazing job at this weird crazy fluffy and brutal thing we call humanity.


This also means, you have a unique story. Something that shaped you over time, something that you stand for now.


So what is it that you want to put out there in the world?

5. it's the ultimate act of trust and self-love

Professional photography isn’t cheap. It could easily cost you half a thousand euros. For an entrepreneur who just started out, that is quite a lot of money. I hear you.


But it’s so worth it. You will get so much back for your investment and not only in terms of new clients, but in taking your business seriously. It’s the ultimate act of self-love. 


I once did a boudoir photoshoot with my best friend. Even though I never made these photos of myself public, I still cherish them to this day. When I look at them, I feel beautiful. I’m radiating in these photos and the whole process of shooting them was amazing, with healthy smoothies we made for ourselves, a whole morning we spent doing our hair and the sensual playlist we played while shooting. I still feel beautiful when I think about it now.


I want you to feel like that every time you see the photos of your personal branding shoot.


To shine with pride because that is YOUR company that deserved these beautiful photos.


If you think of yourself as someone who provides quality services, you should have quality photos. Period. Take your business seriously and inject some self-love; this will allow everyone to else to take your business seriously as well.

6. because it saves you tons of time

If you know the importance of social media nowadays, you are probably already working on your social media and online presence. You are crafting posts daily, because you know how important consistency is for the algorithm and for being seen in the content mountain that is Instagram and Facebook. You tend to focus on creating content wherever you go.


But how long is the photo for that post taking you really? Is it 10 minutes? 30 minutes?


If it’s half an hour, this is 2,5 hours on a weekly base. On a yearly base, you are literally spending two full work weeks of photography on your business.


Ain’t nobody got time for that.


A personal branding photographer will, if you choose their quarterly package, leave you with photos to create almost one social media post each day for three months.  


Or at least, that’s what I do! Call me for an inquiry.


Leave the professional photography to your photographer and it will save you tons of time. They know what they’re doing, they have better equipment and they are actually educated in how the photos will affect your business and create organic growth.


This leaves you with two whole weeks to take on another project. Two weeks to help out a client, or two weeks to go on holiday 😉

So, now you know...

Now you know the importance of personal brand photography nowadays.


It’s a growing market and it is most definitely needed for smart businesses that want to step up and go to the next level of (online) entrepreneurship.


More questions or still in doubt? I’m happy to help you out and answer any of the questions you might have. My mission is to help entrepreneurs like you show the world who you are: your passions, desires and personal mission. I also put a lot of these thoughts on Instagram, so follow me if you want to stay updated on the business of brand photography 🙂