brand shoot: WINNY's soulfood

There are people in the world that just feel… so light. That when you encounter them, they have an aura of brightness, love and kindness around them. Winny is such a person. She lights the room and when she enters a room full of people, the whole room will laugh just a little harder – just because she has arrived.

Winny wanted a photoshoot for her brand Winny’s Soulfood, which is a vegan snack – 7 different vegan bars full of nuts and proteins, and these bars just melt in your mouth.


For this shoot we went out to the park and we took photos in her kitchen and living room, because that is where she builds her passion and where you can just feel her soul present. Afterwards we went to Dille & Kamille, where we were able to use any object there for our food photography. How awesome is that?

what did Winny think?

‘Working with Claudia feels natural. Creating on the spot is what we did and that gave the most natural outcome of the pictures.’